– an organic nature plot –
– a diverse range of edibles and ornamentals –
– wildlife friendly with integrated habitats and planting –
– a space filled with recycled and DIY infrastructure –
– a small urban backyard refuge

… ‘rowan refuge’ is the name given to a biodiverse, 100% organic, flora and fauna rich, permaculture garden that attempts to embody a sustainable holistic approach to gardening / horticulture / working in an outdoor space. It’s not just about feeding the birds, not just about composting the food scraps from our cooking, not just about interesting landscaping solutions, not just about producing nice looking flowers to smell or tasty fruit to eat or perennial veggies to harvest, or maintaining a place to relax or play or educate or socialise or this or that but all of the above and lots lots more. It’s about understanding the space interacted (and interfered) with as well as the diversity of nature that inhabits it …

… a wee back garden haven in harmony with wildlife, totally organic, brimming full of life … food and shelter for all the resident and visiting creatures including us humans. Nothing is killed, ‘pests’ are not discouraged as they are part of nature’s food chain. ‘Weeds’ are tolerated and in some cases nurtured. Nothing ‘bad’ goes in the ground, but lots of ‘good’ comes from it …

… based in Shawlands in the south-side of Glasgow, this wee residential back garden environment is a place with continual alterations, refinements and experiments taking into account the never ending cycle of growth and decay. Highlights include multiple small water features, a curved wildflower green-roofed shed, reclaimed slate and brick walls, insect houses, underground hibernacula and the refuge provided by managed weed patches, wild hedgerows and various small trees including three rowans …



2 thoughts on “

  1. Carol November 20, 2016 / 5:32 pm

    Very nice! When can I get a tour?


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